Woolloomooloo (what a mouthful) is located in a rather upscale area of Taipei, just a few minutes walk from Taipei 101.


To be honest, it was different from the cafe that I had imagined coming in. After pushing open a large glass door, on my left side was a wooden counter, stacked together in a manner reminiscent of large crates.

On my right opened up a fairly large seating area:


the bare floor, steel staircase, metal plates and frame, together with the chains and hooks dangling from the ceiling, gave the place an intentionally roughly finished, post-industrial look. Overall, the store was a lot bigger than expected, with several rooms as well as a second floor, which also had a small balcony.

Perhaps it was because I came on a rainy Saturday afternoon, but the place was crowded and felt understaffed. Understandably, the noise level was also much higher than I had bargained for. I was sat at a narrow counter in front of the window, immediately next to the entrance, and I couldn’t manage to locate a password for the wifi. Still, for the most part the people working there were nice and still managed to take and deliver my order in a timely manner.

My impression of Woolloomooloo was that, rather than a coffee shop, it functioned more as a bar/restaurant for adults, and would be better described as a hangout spot suited for late-night group runs and cocktails, but not the best for work/study and relaxing. Although, I did notice another loner beside me who took out her laptop and was happily typing away in spite of the noise, so to each their own, I suppose. The coffee and melt-in-your-mouth-but-very-sweet tiramisu cake were pretty good, though.



  • Bar/pub-like ambiance with a gritty, industrial touch
  • Suitable for groups of adults on weekend/late-night runs (cocktails, new American foods)
  • Somewhat pricey and noisy
  • Free wifi – No?
  • Outlets – Limited
  • English menu


Address: No. 379, Section 4, Xinyi Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City, 110


7:30am – 12am (Sunday – Thursday)

7:30am – 2am (Friday & Saturday)


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